Malware die sich ins UEFI BIOS lädt. Na damit konnte nun wirklich niemand rechnen, dass das mal passieren wird….

Wie würde Fefe sagen: Hätte uns doch nur jemand davor gewarnt.

Apps können Mails aus GMail lesen


No shit Sherlock! Ich werde als Nutzer gefragt, ob $App oder $Service auf mein Google Account zugreifen darf. Ich bekomme einen Google Consent Dialog angezeigt, wo für jeden der lesen kann beschrieben steht, wer worauf zugreifen will.

Das geht theoretisch auch mit jedem anderen Mail-Account. Warum treiben die Medien jetzt wieder eine Google-ist-böse Sau durchs Netz!?

1. Wenn eine nicht-Email-App Mails lesen will, dann frage dich, warum sie das Recht dazu will.

2. Installiere Apps oder nutze Dienste, die vertrauenswürdig erscheinen, oder denen Privacy am Herzen liegt. Dann ist es eher unwahrscheinlich, dass sich die Entwickler im Hintergrund Zugriff verschaffen.

Screw you Microsoft


On a scale from 0 to North Korea how much did Microsoft just fuck it up:

Got “We were unable to establish the connection because it is configured for user dweuthen@example.com but you attempted to connect using user DWeuthen@example.com. To connect as a different user perform a switch user operation. To connect with the configured identity just attempt the last operation again.” while trying to re-active my VS license trough ADFS.

Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu 15.10


For anyone who has to access Citrix XenDesktop via web browser from an Ubuntu 15.10 machine:

  1. Download “Receiver for Linux Web Client” from https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-receiver/legacy-receiver-for-linux/
  2. Install the downloaded DEB package
  3. If the remote site is using its own certificate authority, copy the CA certificate file of the remote end to
  4. Rehash the Receiver’s certificate store by executing the following command in the console:
    sudo c_rehash /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

FrOSCon Day 1 – A quick summary


For the seventh time ever the FrOSCon opened its doors this morning. It is my third visit now and it is really great to see that this event seems to become more and more international. Lots of lectures are given in English and in the hallway it seems to be the preferred language this weekend. So it wasn’t surprising that lunch became a meet and greet with Selena who is going to give the keynote tomorrow and who only travelled from Portland just for this event. Looks like my Tuxevara t-shirt seems to be useful if you want others to start a conversation with you 😉

All lectures I visited were pretty good and on an intermediate level of required knowledge. I am expecting that all other I will listen to today will be on the same level. So my resume so far is, that’s it was once again really worth coming here.

Now I’m looking forward to the social event tonight and of cause tomorrow.

Epic Fail of German ISPs


My employer is running two web servers at two different hosting providers (1&1, Strato). Both webserver IPs are A records for the www hostname. The domains are managed by a third ISP (InternetX). 1&1 currently has a major issue with some of their servers and as a result our webserver is not reachable for more than 30 minutes now. So I decided to remove that one from the list of A records (TTL of the zone is just five minutes).

Now guess what: One of the four authoritative name servers of our InternetX managed domain is hosted at 1&1. As a result of their outage the InternetX AutoDNS system refuses to accept changes of zone data. WTF!

And that is exactly the reason why I prefer to run things on my own!

Note: Carefully audit you ISP infrastructure before signing up the contract.