Did you know the cloud is a place somewhere in Ireland?


This was one of the best sentences I read on slides this weekend at the FrOSCon 2012 and it reminds me, why I am so sceptical about the “put everything in the cloud” hype. Although every cloud infrastructure provider tries to make a huge secret out of their datacenter locations, it seems to be of widespread knowledge that especially Microsoft’s cloud datacenteres for Office 365 and Azure for European customers are located in the Dublin area. Also Amazon seems to use a datacenter in Dublin as their main European hub. So it should not be too surprising to read, that a couple of weeks ago both, Micorosft and Amazon, customers were affected by an outage in a datacenter in Dublin. That’s why you should always keep in mind that storing something in the cloud does not necessarily mean that is is stored at more than one location. It might just be as single place….somewhere in Ireland.

FrOSCon Day 1 – A quick summary


For the seventh time ever the FrOSCon opened its doors this morning. It is my third visit now and it is really great to see that this event seems to become more and more international. Lots of lectures are given in English and in the hallway it seems to be the preferred language this weekend. So it wasn’t surprising that lunch became a meet and greet with Selena who is going to give the keynote tomorrow and who only travelled from Portland just for this event. Looks like my Tuxevara t-shirt seems to be useful if you want others to start a conversation with you 😉

All lectures I visited were pretty good and on an intermediate level of required knowledge. I am expecting that all other I will listen to today will be on the same level. So my resume so far is, that’s it was once again really worth coming here.

Now I’m looking forward to the social event tonight and of cause tomorrow.