Privacy, No Ads And Speed!


As I wrote earlier on this blog, I again started using Privoxy with some slight modified configuration to block advertisment as well as improve privacy by filtering out tracking bugs and all those social networking stuff on websites.

It looks like some of the latest updates for Google Chrome/Chromium broke the “ProxySwitchy !” extension which often made me surf the web without actually using Privoxy although the Privoxy proxy profile was selected in “Proxy Switchy !”. While reading some comments to a Google Plus post of Markus Beckedahl about some privacy enhancing add-ons for Firefox I stumbled about an hint to try Chrome Block. I am trying it out at the moment and it looks very promising at first glance, but as it is mainly designed for privacy protection, a solution for removing ads was also needed. So I installed AdBlock additionally which is doing a great job also.

My feeling is that the impact on browsing speed is extremely low compared to my earlier Privoxy setup and it is more transparent to me than before as both extensions have  nice self-explaining status icons right of the location bar.