Epic Fail of German ISPs


My employer is running two web servers at two different hosting providers (1&1, Strato). Both webserver IPs are A records for the www hostname. The domains are managed by a third ISP (InternetX). 1&1 currently has a major issue with some of their servers and as a result our webserver is not reachable for more than 30 minutes now. So I decided to remove that one from the list of A records (TTL of the zone is just five minutes).

Now guess what: One of the four authoritative name servers of our InternetX managed domain is hosted at 1&1. As a result of their outage the InternetX AutoDNS system refuses to accept changes of zone data. WTF!

And that is exactly the reason why I prefer to run things on my own!

Note: Carefully audit you ISP infrastructure before signing up the contract.

2 thoughts on “Epic Fail of German ISPs

  1. We have the same problem. We have about 7 servers hosted with 1&1 in one way or another. None of them are available. They also do our email which is also down now.
    Only the servers we have with Hetzner still work.
    Doing things yourself though isn’t the ideal solution either. Apart from the maintenance costs you need a direct connection to the backbone nowadays to provide enough bandwidth.



  2. bionix

    the best way is to have a redundant infrastructure.. maybe 2-4 servers at different hosting locations and companies.

    I prefer the way to making and running things on my own, too. 😀

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