Windows 8 really sucks hard


I had the chance to spend some time playing around with Windows 8 for couple of hours today. And shall I tell you something: It sucks even harder than I ever thought it would after catching just quick glimpses in the last months. The whole language and keyboard logic looks completely broken to me. I ended up in so many annoying situations that I stopped counting after a while. How about user management? Using the new shiny interface enforces the creation of a, or account. Sorry guys, don’t need and want that. Especially not when only setting up a test machine. At least using the old Computer Management tool allowed me to get past that step.

I still think the usability of the new interface is horrible with keyboard and mouse. It’s getting even worse when connecting to such a machine through VMWare or RDP, where the mouse isn’t trapped inside the window. It’s mostly the same reasons for which I blame Ubuntu’s Unity that I dislike about the new Windows 8 UI.

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  1. Typofixer

    Some typos:

    Al least using → At least using

    getting even worth when -> getting even worse when

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