Comparison: Condor vs. AirBerlin


We had the chance to compare both airlines on medium-haul flights to the canary isle Teneriffe, where we spent one week last November and, due to the bad weather in November, we returned for another week this June.

In November we flew with Condor and this time we had to take AirBerlin as no Condor flight were available when we booked the vacation. The price of the flights itself was nearly exactly the same, but at least the difference in the offered meals on board is huge. On Condor flights to Teneriffe you always get a warm meal for lunch and dinner. As we pre-ordered the premium menu, we got a three/four course menu and steel cutlery for additional 10 EUR per person/flight. Compared to what you get the price is quite fair. The selection of food was very good and had a great taste.

What do you get on AirBerlin medium-haul flights? Without paying extra, you get a cheese or ham sandwich. Well that is what most airlines offer even on short-haul flight. We again pre-ordered a premium meal as we once again were flying to Teneriffe right over lunchtime and back in the evening. The premium meal, which costs also about 10 EUR was just one meal that comes additionally to the sandwich. Quality was good, though it felt a little bit over-priced.

Another thing that bugged me on the AirBerlin fight to Teneriffe was the fact they still have those old proprietary aircraft earphones plugs for which you have to buy extra earphones for 3 EUR each. An the other hand advertising of their duty free shop wasn’t as pushy as on the Condor flights and the onboard entertainment on the A330-200 was awesome on our flight home.

Overall, I personally would prefer Condor over AirBerlin for that trip.

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